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Fax to Assist - Module 4

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The Client’s Experience

1. Maryland’s 1-800-QUIT NOW This module will provide a brief description of what your client can expect when they consent to be called by the Maryland Quitline.

2. The Counseling Process: What to expect Client provides contact information & smoking history. Client is connected with a certified Quit Coach™. With the help of the Quit Coach™, the client will make decisions about a quit date and potential treatment options. Quit Coaches™ are fully trained to give the best advice available to the clients. Many are ex-smokers and can empathize with the client’s experience.

3. Call One: Quit Date Preparation The client and the Quit Coach™ discuss what techniques will be appropriate for the client. The client and the Quit Coach™ discuss and select a quit date.

4. Deciding about Medications The Quit Coach™ will discuss pharmacological options such as the nicotine patch, the nicotine lozenge, nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler, nasal sprays, and Buproprion SR.

5. Call Two: Quit Date Within 5 days of the client’s quit date, the Quit Coach™ will call and provide necessary support, which involves creating a plan on how to stay quit. Quit Coaches™ discuss strategies for overcoming physical, emotional, psychological reactions, and cravings. Quit Coaches™ help clients develop coping skills to help overcome challenges. Quit Coaches™ will help clients identify allies, who are trusted individuals who can help the client quit (e.g., family members & friends).

6. Call Three: Follow-up on Progress The client and Quit Coach™ will reconnect 7-10 days after the second call and discuss the client’s quit progress. If needed, the Quit Coach™ can provide additional information, suggest other tips or techniques, and troubleshoot any obstacles. If the client has started smoking again, the Quit Coach™ can help the client address the lapse and get them back on track.

7. Call Four: Final Check-In The final call from the Quit Coach™ is an opportunity to provide support and encourage the client to stay quit. This call occurs 3-5 weeks after the initial call. The Quit Coach™ will help the client set up a long-term plan to remain smoke-free for life. Clients are congratulated on a successful quit! If the client has resumed smoking, the Quit Coach™ will help them get back on track.

8. Tailoring to the Client Needs This is the overall template for an ideal interaction between the client and Fax to Assist. However, this program and the counselors are trained to tailor the messages and conversations to the needs of the client and their stage of change (as described in Module 3). Interactions between client and Quit Coach™ will be personalized.

9. References & Resources

Wisconsin’s Fax to Quit Manual

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: Clinician's Packet: A How-To Guide For Implementing the Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline

Smoking Stops Here

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