Maryland's Tobacco Resource Center - Linking Professionals to Best Practices


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MDQuit Newsletter - May 2012 2012
State-wide Ban on Smoking in University System of Maryland Institutions Begins in 2013 2012
Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing and Outdoor Areas: Legal Issues and Implications 2012
MDQuit Newsletter - December 2012 2012
MDQuit E-Newsletter - Summer 2012 2012
World No Tobacco Day 2011
MDQuit's 5th Annual Best Practices Conference 2011
Howard Community College Goes Smoke- and Tobacco-Free 2011
Smoking Bans Across All 50 States by 2020, CDC Predicts 2011
Spike in Calls to the National Quit Line Following Introduction of New Cigarette Labels 2011
Maryland Bill Seeks to Ban Smoking in Cars with Children Present 2011
Policy and Environmental Change to Improve Public Health 2011
DHMH's Kickoff Meeting to Raise Awareness of the Dangers of Youth Cigar Use 2011
Leading Health Groups Aim to "Knock Tobacco Out of the Park" 2011
MDQuit E-Newsletter - December 2011 2011
U.S. Navy Bans Smoking on Submarines 2011
FDA Loses 2nd Case Against Electronic Cigarette Companies 2011
State Anti-Tobacco Efforts Failing to Make the Grade 2011
FDA Proposes Graphic New Warning Labels for Cigarette Ads and Packaging 2011
Expansion of Existing Smoking Ban in Maryland City 2010
MDQuit Newsletter - September 2010 2010
MDQuit's 4th Annual Best Practices Conference 2010
Maryland Ranks 34th in the Nation for Tobacco Prevention Funding 2010
Comprehensive Coverage of Tobacco Cessation Medications Decreases Smoking and Hospitalizations 2010
2010 Surgeon General's Report on Tobacco Smoke 2010
Smoke Free Laws May Decrease Childhood Asthma Hospitalizations 2010
GlaxoSmithKline Pushes to Stop Sales of Smokeless Tobacco Products 2010
University of Maryland School of Law Named Hub of Regional Public Health Law Network 2010
Medicare Now Providing Preventative Care Coverage for Smoking Cessation 2010
Competition for Funds Between Tobacco Control and Antiobesity Advocates 2010
E-cigarettes Being Seized by FDA 2010
Taxes Increase Cessation Among Substance Abusers and Mentally Ill 2010
FDA Could Lower Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes 2010
The Benefits of Raising Tobacco Taxes 2010
Maryland a Magnet for Tobacco Smugglers 2010
Lack of Funds for Cancer Research 2010
Electronic Cigarettes are the Loophole 2009
No More Candy Cigarettes 2009
FDA launches Center for Tobacco Products 2009
Smoking Ban for Military Recommended 2009
Understand the main provisions of FDA regulation of Tobacco Products 2009
Higher Cigarette Taxes Might Cut Smoking and Have Unintended Consequences 2009
Declines in Heart Attack Hospitalizations Following Smoking Ban 2009
MDQuit Newsletter - February 2009 2009
MDQuit Newsletter - June 2009 2009
MDQuit Newsletter - November 2009 2009
Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products Becomes City Law 2009
More Colleges Banning Smoking 2008
FAA bans Chantix for Pilots and Traffic Controllers 2008
MD DHMH Cancer Control Plan 2016-2020 2007


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